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Middex DC Motor Drivers

Middex DC2Q-AS dc motor driver

Middex DC Motor Driver DC2Q-AS, DC2Q-ASX

Application Driver for brush-type DC motors
Supply voltage18...30VDC, momentarily 36VDC
Motor current0.1...5A, adjustable with potentiometer, volt-meter output for series adjustments
Electronic fuse0.1...5A, reaction time 1 to 700ms potentiometer adjustable,
volt-meter output for series adjustments
InputsDigital: right, left, signal voltage 24V (or 5V); Analog: rpm 0 - 10V
Output signalsError, reaction time and current limit setting point
DimensionsApprox. 101x23x120mm (HxWxD) without plugs
Mounting/housingDIN rail/plastic
FeaturesRamp-up motor protection, electronic current fuse,
RxI compensation, electronic friction clutch, cable plugs
Middex DC4Q dc motor driver

Middex DC Motor Driver DC4Q

Application Driver for DC motors and Brush-less motors with Hall sensors
Supply voltage24...48VDC, max. 52VDC
Motor current0...10A, momentarily 20A
Current limiting0...10A, potentiometer adjustable
InputsDigital: enable, direction, stop, current reduction 50%
Output signalsReady
DimensionsApprox. 145x36x112mm (HxWxD)
Mounting/housingCabinet wall, steel
FeaturesWith brake circuit, a unit for several motor types, cable plugs