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Elaso/Kellenberger Parts X-Reference List

Sorted by Kellenberger Part #

PartTypeElaso #Kellenberger #Old Kel #
External balancing head, manual ebb108-1000-aa12859KEL110840
External balancing head wire bound, internal mounted ebb115-1000-ca14902KEL115491
External balancing head wire bound, internal mounted ebb115-1600-ca14903KEL115492
External balancing head, manual ebb108-0750-aa12860KEL117172
External balancing head wire bound, internal mounted ebb115-0900-ca14901KEL117173
Vibration transducer vas002-0815311KEL120592KEL132618
Vibration transducer vas002-0615377KEL120812
Front plate module "Kellenberger" eb-5tast15455KEL130828
Controller without display for brush type collectoreb-5003s15454KEL135563
Connecting cable no-contact, 7 leads, eb7000, eb6001vbk007-b-0814987KEL138600
Connecting cable no-contactvbk07-b-0719065KEL138600
Connecting cable front plate to eb7000, eb6001vb09-08-09/0814978KEL138601
Operator interface Kellenbergereb-7f/kel15338KEL138603
Controller module automatic gap + blind plateeb-7003/bp16603KEL138604
Transmitter lateralst37ss14220KEL138612
Balancing head complete ebf115ebf11519112KEL138613
Extension cablevlk002-a-0615044KEL142226
Cable for rpm, Kelvista 19499KEL145540
Processor moduleeb500-024-e14842KEL145833
Vibration transducer with 18036 mounting plate vas005-0416160KEL145834
Protractor ring 360 Kellenberger s080/14016008KEL145835
Protractor ring 360 Kellenberger s095/12316009KEL145836
Balancing head complete ebf115+stb37ss ebf11519114KEL146390
Connecting cable no-contact vbk007-b-1014988KEL146552
Extension cable for vas002 vlk002-a-0815314KEL146553
Vibration transducer vas002-0415310KEL146590KEL117420
Vibration transducer vas002-0114443KEL146799
External balancing head+transmitter+adapter+gap ebb130-1270-jc16686KEL146827
Controller balancing manual eb2000-m15115KEL147539
Switch box for 2 balancing heads ebu00216347KEL148356
Connection cable no-contactvbk007-c-01419113KEL148357
Extension cable for vas005vlk005-a-1317356KEL149771
External balancing head bl complete 36vebb130-1270-jc17191KEL149832
Processor module 24vdc panel mounteb500m2/2417379KEL151528
Filter for balancing for processoreb500/zm17361KEL151529
Va5 replacementva5a17614KEL152205
Structure-borne sound receiver no-contactuss002-e-0417676KEL152614
ems1000 including power cableems100017769KEL153473
ems1000 module system, power cableems100018199KEL153473
Structure-borne sound receiver, no-contactuss002-s17661KEL154197
Structure-borne sound receiver, no-contactuss002-s18184KEL154249
Cable for gap 5mvlk005-b-0517419KEL154279
Operator interface for eb7000xeb-7f/ext14001KEL154770
Cable for GAP 30mvlk005-b-3022004KEL155416
Cable for GAP 7mvlk005-b-0718873KEL155416
Connecting cable, usc2 to usc3 vb5/0718806KEL155416
Extension cable for vas005vlk005-a-0718805KEL155417
Helix cable 4 leadsspk004-a-06015015KEL155679
Flange for stb110(Kel-Vera)Flange Kel-Vera19102KEL155681
Receiver no gap with 8pin plug v3sta110-oa19118KEL155682
Stator w/gap coil, driver v2sta110-r18911KEL155683
Vibration transducer with 18036 mounting platevas005-0116159KEL156218
Connecting cable no-contactvbk007-a-1015031KEL156654
External balancing head ring (transmitter, driver, adapter, GAP)ebb130-1270-nc18426KEL158596
User interface for eb6001-c/-deb6001-pui18942KEL160080
Adapter flange, internal grinding Kellenberger18900KEL160284
Adapter ring complete, internal grinding Kel18893KEL160285
ebg1500 one 2-input gapebg1500-1g2i18842KEL160346
External balancing head no-contact driver M33x1.5 leftebb130-1270-oc18986KEL160384
External balancing head no-contact driver M33x1.5 rightebb130-1270-oc18987KEL160396
1-input gap moduleusc501220059KEL161090
2-input gap moduleusc502220060KEL161091
Gap receiver, mount, seal, d=212, connector M23 18844KEL161283
Cable for gap 3mvlk005-b-0318863KEL161534
Extension cable for vas005, 3mvlk005-a-0318864KEL161536
Extension cable for vas005 11mvlk005-a-1020780KEL161537
Extension cable for vas005 10mvlk005-a-1017377KEL161537
Acceleration sensor, M6 threadbss007 20696KEL2231433
Sensor, M6 thread 20718KEL2231433
Acceleration sensor, magnet, pre-ampbss002-016 20716KEL2235432
Positioning ring stp110 19315KEL600137
GAP stator ring complete, D=268, cable connector 20021KEL6001321
Rotor complete, internal grinding, kel, D=237 20020KEL6001322
ems1100, without Com moduleems1100-o19154KEL6002045
Mandrel extension, kel D=88ems1100-Profibus20274KEL6003776
GAP stator, kel D=100 20275KEL6003777
Adapter ring complete, internal grinding, kel D=23720301KEL6004235
Cable for GAP, through mounting BL+DGvlk005-d-10 20285KEL6004302
Sound sensor, cable 3m, 12 pin connectoruss001-02-s12 20583KEL6006614
Rotor complete, int grinding, kel D=237 20972KEL6009265
Rotor complete, int grinding, kel D=237, special 21570KEL6012650
ems1100, ProfiBus, DP slave, pui2000 ableems1100-p-pui22750KEL6018346
Fanuc I/O link slave panel card module 12565KEL7006416
Rotor housing, Hauser dressing spindle ems1100-Profibus22376KEL7009277
Extension cable for vas005, 8mvlk005-a-08 17376KEL7009754
Connecting cable, assembled for mss00XWAKS8-020-8-WASS8-02.. 22817KEL7013019
Printed board, populated, H40 keyboard B3B 28871KEL7013186
Angle encoder, kel PWM to 2-18ma 12128KEL7014066
Receiver angle encoder, kel, RS485 kwe485 12133KEL7014067
Cable, PUR, black, shielded max. roll dia. 500mm 18978KEL7014073
Cable box T01-0550-S05 16900KEL70140734
Motor data controller mdc001-mp 22706KEL7014078
Motor data controller, black box mdc001-bb 22989KEL7014079
Cover aluminum, angle encoder PMW to 4-10mA mdc001-mp 12157KEL7014928