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CIRO Product's New Products

Middex WK10 tool monitor

Middex WK10 Broken Tool Detector

Checking the length of a tool as it is returned to the magazine, rejecting length differences from the learned size
Angular resolution 0.01 or approximately 0.105mm with a 600mm probe length
No-flex carbon probe 8mm x 8mm for accurate test results
Scanning range 360, no mechanical stop, no home position required
Scanning speeds range from 320ms (30) to 750ms (270)
Communication with open PLC machine controller via ProfiBus or ProfiNet
Elaso balancing processor complete set with carrying case

Elaso ebm100 Balancing Processor  Video 

Calculates weight positions of weights in grinding wheel flanges
Unit guides operator step by step through the balancing cycle
Each step is visually shown by LEDs
Text at the LED position explains the operator the next step to take
Text is replaceable for different languages
Time to balance a wheel is approximately 5 Minutes
The ebm100 is available in a small mobile housing or as a 19" rack unit
usc4000 structure-borne sound controller

Elaso usc4000 Structure-Borne Sound Controller  Video 

Process control for grinding machines utilizing structure-borne sound control
Benefits are: reduces air grinding time, indicates parts positions, and is used for crash protection
The sound signal is fed into two separate channels allowing each to be separately adjusted for offset and amplification
Unit features extremely fast reaction time and offers three selectable filters for signal optimization
Unit interfaces with machine controllers and allows installation in machine cabinets or operator panels
OEM or after market installation, for details please ask us