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Elaso Balancing Heads

Easo external balancing heads

Elaso External Balancing Heads

Elaso balancing heads are quality products for dynamically balancing grinding wheels
The balancing head is the crucial basic element of a dynamic balancing system
Elaso balancing heads are known for a sound and robust design functioning reliably for a long time
Two weights are moved radially by electric motors until the unbalance is reduced to set parameters
External balancing heads are mounted to the grinding spindle end with adapter flanges
Wire-bound and no-contact collectors in various sizes available
Elaso internal balancing heads

Elaso Internal Balancing Heads

Internal balancing heads are mounted within the hollow grinding spindle
These balancing heads are normally installed at the manufacturer since a hollow spindle is required
As with the external heads, many balancing heads and balancing masses are available
Wire-bound and no-contact collectors transmit the power and control signals to the balancing heads
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