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Middex Tool Monitors Middex Tool Monitor, single tool checking Middex BKS1S, one or two tools checking, with expanded featuresMiddex WK3, accurate measuring of tool/part positionMiddex Complete Parts List, for broken tool detectors

Middex, DIN rail mounted step driversMiddex, 3-phase step motor driverMiddex, 5-phase step drivers direct replacement for Sig/Berger-Lahr 5-phase drivers Middex, cabinet wall mounted step motor drivers Middex, digital / analog ramp and position generator for step motor drivers Middex, control speed / direction of brush and brushless type DC motors

Elaso, grinding drivers replace common drive dogs      Elaso, usc4000 structure-borne sound processor, GAP control Middex Complete Parts List, for broken tool detectors  

Parts List Tool Monitors
Positioning/Ramp Controllers for Step Drivers
Speed/Direction Controller for DC Motors
Middex Step Drivers Euro-card
    Din Rail Mounted Drivers
    3-Phase Step Driver
    5-Phase Step Drivers
    CAN-bus Step & DC Motor Drivers
    Servo Motor Drivers
Elaso Grinding Drivers
Elaso Balancing Systems, -Parts, -Cables
Elaso Balancing Heads, -Parts
Elaso GAP Processor
Elaso / Kellenberger Parts X-reference List

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CIRO Products Ltd offers resourceful products to support manufacturing processes in the metalworking industry. It is our quest to guide our partners to smart working solutions with the combined expertise of our manufacturers and our employees. We do care beyond our products.

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